Ordinary celebrities: Friday fun with Photoshop


Rarely will you get a writer to agree with “one picture is worth a thousand words.” But a photo like this one of Ann Coulter needs little exposition.

Welcome to Planet Hiltron, where Photoshop rules. Ever tried to imagine Ellen DeGeneres as Miss Texas?

Or Sharon Stone as, well, your mom?

Most of the pictures depict celebs as if they were normal people in normal jobs, without the advantages of personal trainers or cosmetic surgery or makeup artists. Enjoy these samples, many with captions courtesy of TMZ.

Jennifer Aniston, Kansas City accountant and mother of two

John Travolta, Sacramento Arby’s franchisee:

Organic gardener/psychologist Lindsay Lohan:

J.C. Penney portrait of Michael and Catherine Douglas, your Albuquerque real estate professionals:

Amy Winehouse, rested, sober and generally not being Amy Winehouse:

Check out the rest and let us know your favorites. And feel free to share some of your own creations!

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