Buy Kate Winslet’s bum


For Sale: The perfectly proportioned posterior of one Kate Winslet. The delectable derrière will go to the highest bidder. I know, you’re seriously considering draining your bank account, selling your car and taking out a loan. I’m already there. Also, I hear kidneys go for a lot on the open market. What? I have two.

But, like any sensible buyer, you want to carefully research the merchandise before purchase. Kick the tires and take it for a test drive, so to speak. Well, of course. Kate is a very reasonable woman and she totally understands. Lean in close and she’ll give you a sneak peek. Closer. A little bit closer.

I know, that was just mean. Cruel in fact. But, I wasn’t lying. That is Kate Winslet’s bum, as painted by Kate Winslet. The British actress was among a slew of famous folks who donated their artistic handiwork to the Paint 4 Poverty Celebrity Art Auction. Though I believe she was the only celebrity to sketch her backside. Cheeky little monkey.

The proceeds will go to the Robin Hood Ministries, which work to reduce poverty in the world’s poorest countries. So maybe you should still consider putting a bit of a dent in your bank account. Though I’d hold off on the loan. And, uh, keep your kidneys. Well, at least for now. Who knows what Kate will auction off next.

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