Swooning for Serena Williams


I used to have a crush on Serena Williams‘ arms. I mean, have you seen them?

But now I’m developing a crush on the whole woman, not just her arms or other admirable parts. The whole is much greater than the sum. Serena has the killer bod, but she also has the killer attitude to go with it. The new Nike campaign perfectly serves her sassiness:

And then there’s her infectious smile and the way she still gets all excited when she sees someone she knows in the crowd.

But what really gets me swooning is — dare I say this about someone who could kick my ass all the way to Wimbledon? — Serena’s adorkable goofiness. Witness some whiffs of geekery, as well as her appreciation of her own bootyliciousness, in this HP commercial:

I know, I know: There’s little to no chance Serena will ever serve for our side. But I also know who I’ll be rooting for in tonight’s quarterfinal match. Justine Henin may have skills, but she has zero charisma, especially next to smooth, svelte (and sometimes silly) Serena. And an all-Williams semifinal would be a sweet way to finish up the summer.

Bonne chance, Henin (and those random -ovas and -ovics who have squeaked their way through this year’s weird draws). You’ll need it: Those Williams sisters cast long, fierce shadows.

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