Top 10 Style Tips for Femmes



Tomboys can’t have all the fun. Here’s 10 simple yet marvelously effect pieces to spice up your autumn outfits.

1. Panama Hats


pan-hat-2Urban Outfitters


Panama hats are awesome. Specifically, felt panama hats in dark neutrals such as rich chocolate browns, camels and blacks are all the rage amongst the young, chic, and unintimidated by statement headwear. Even on good hair days (aka days I bother showering), I find myself grasping my coffee panama hat on the way out the door. It adds a wonderfully unfussy finishing sheen to whatever I’m wearing, ands shows I’m unafraid of bold headwear. Don’t be tempted by embellishment or patternsthe charm of a timeless piece lies in simplicity, not excess. Instead, add light layers and hardware accessories for a result that says: tough but classy. Who doesn’t adore a gritty broad?

2. High-waisted skinny jeans


Rag & Bone

jean-2Top Shop

jean-3Forever 21


Chances are you’re already set on low rise denim. Our generation has been stocking up on bum-grazing waistlines since middle school. As much as I love visible hip bones (I really really love hip bones), there’s a rich world outside low cut that we should all be exploring. High-waisted skinny jeans, particularly in a super soft stretchy fabric, are immensely flattering to the female form. Low rise straightens your body; high rise accentuates curves. Every time I slip into mine, I can’t help taking a moment to admire my newly defined hourglass shape in the mirror.

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