Metro Station’s “She Likes Girls” is about unrequited love for a lesbian


Miley Cyrus‘s brother Trace Cyrus fronts the pop rock band Metro Station, and their new song is called “She Likes Girls.” Here’s the lyrics to the first verse:

I like you girl but you don’t seem excited

Since she walked in where has your mind been

talking to me but thinking about her

your secret is safe, I won’t say a word.

Let’s slow it down, I was moving too quick.

You don’t say you love me

You just bite your lip

I can read the signals from a mile away

I know she is on your mind and that’s OK


Clearly the track is about a guy falling for an unavailable woman whom he thinks is either a lesbian or bisexual. (“She wants to kiss her lips but she’s scared to get caught/I think she likes girls” is part of the chorus.) The second verse goes onto be a guy’s fantasy of two women kissing and touching one another outside of a public scenario like a club or a party. Seems very much like these guys’ answer to “I Kissed a Girl,” no?

Trace Cyrus told USA Today the idea was “instead of being mad about it, you just support her. It’s something a little different for us to write about. We definitely haven’t written about something this risqué, I don’t think.”


Typically dude-penned songs about queer women are in the vein of turning lesbians straight or having threesomes, so “She Likes Girls” is, indeed, a different spin on singing about women’s sexuality. It’s not overtly offensive other than their simply making assumptions about a fictional woman (Metro Station say it’s not based on their real life GFs, of course) without, you know, having a conversation about it. I suppose that’s a whole other song: “She Left Me For a Girl.”

Now we just have to wait and see if the inevitable video is done in good taste or two straight women caressing each other explicitly for the male gaze.

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