40 Hot Queer Women in Comedy


Last year we listed 50 Hot Women in Comedy. There are a number of definitions of the word hot: having a high temperature, spiciness that produces a burning sensation or that which is passionately enthusiastic, involving much activity or intense feelings. Hot is synonymous with being titillating, fierce, ruthless, fresh and in demand, so as much as I hate the word “hottie,” I can honestly say that it is a term of endearment that very much applies to all of the following women.

In the last few years the popularity of live comedy has been growing in no small part to this group of women who continue to transform the landscape of a scene that can often times remain unchanged. They are charismatic and talented women who just happen to be super attractive. Or maybe it’s the former that defines the latter. Either way, I can’t actually imagine anything hotter. So we’re doing it again: Another list of sexy women who make us laugh. This time, they’re all queer.

Kim Diaz brought her show, “One Ruggedly-Handsome-Woman Show,” to this year’s Chicago Women’s Funny Festival and the Hollywood Fringe. In it, she jokes about things like growing up in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and her masculine energy.


The Fruit Flies (Molly McCormick and Danni Parpan) are a comedic indie folk-rock band from Chicago. They’re the perfect mixture of musical talent, sass and inappropriate behavior. (@FruitFliesMusic)


Combining an art history degree with an enigmatic personality, Hannah Gadsby takes every opportunity to present her incredibly popular comedic art lectures at festivals around the world alongside her stand up comedy shows. In 2013, her show “Happiness is a Bedside Table” was nominated for Best Show in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Her latest art-based offering, a three-part documentary series titled Hannah Gadsby’s Oz, will air on ABC in 2014 and she can currently be seen in the second season of Please Like Me which is airing on ABC2 in Australia and on pivot.tv in the US. She is also writing her first book based on her mildly alarming medical history. (@hannahgadsby)