Rebecca Szymczak of BEX nyc keeps women sexy in her inspired intimates


Rebecca “Bex” Szymczak makes the kind of bedroom wear that you won’t want to take off. The New York-based lingerie designer launched BEX nyc in October 2013 but has had her pieces on the bodies of Emma Roberts, Anna-Sophia Robb, Rose McGown and as part of Lady Gaga’s album launch. As an out lesbian, the major talent has had multiple successes in the industry, coming from a background at Nike, DKNY and Playboy before launching BEX less than a year ago.


“I had sort of a crazy year,” Bex said. “I turned 30, I lost one of my very best friends to cancer. He always wanted to have his own line and he passed away very suddenly from cancer before ever seeing that come to fruition, and there’s just never going to be a good time to do this, and I have really really always wanted to do my own line.  I was like ‘OK, it’s never going to be easy and convenient so I’m just going to launch this.’ And it’s been—we’ve had a lot of successes in a short period of time which I’m really grateful for but it’s a process with a new brand and getting online and getting it out to retailers. It’s growing but it’s scary and exciting at the same time!”


Bex’s collections of accessories and intimates are incredibly cool, with a queer sentiment that women of all kinds will appreciate. She puts a unisex spin on pieces like the Untied Necklace and Winter Widow Veiled Cap.

“I do have a greater appreciation for the female body than other designers might who aren’t lesbians because not only do I create what I find fulfilling and attractive on myself but what I’m attracted to on women and what I think is sexy and flattering on a body from both perspectives,” Bex said. ” And I also like to play with kind of gender roles in a non-traditional way. In my lingerie I use a lot of menswear detailing but in a super feminine sexy way—menswear colors, suspenders, non-traditional straps that aren’t just the lacy girlie straps, lapels and suspenders, pinstripes throughout our signature fabrics. I like to play with how that can be super sexy in an unexpected way.”

Currently pieces can be purchased online or in luxury boutiques in New York City, Los Angeles or Montreal with more coming in the near future.


“I’ve always loved fashion and wanted to do a fashion line,” Bex said. “I grew up partially in Amsterdam and the Netherlands The fashion overt here was really unique and have a definite fashion aesthetic I was really interested in.” That kind of influence is seen in several of her pieces, as black leather and lace and bold bondage themes are part of her aesthetic, and Her introductory collections are called “Exhibition Noir and Voyeur.”

Bex is thrilled that several famous empowered women have donned her designs, but her ideal would be none other than Madonna.

“Madonna is the love of my life since I was four years old,” Bex said. “She’s a constant muse and source of inspiration.”


As for if she’s happened to bring any women home and seen her work on their bodies?

“No, you know what’s so funny? The Playboy stuff I did was mostly international, largely overseas and my brand is pretty new!” Bex said with a laugh. “So they wear all the stuff I have given them, which is hot, but not before meeting me.  That would be a huge turn on if that were to occur.”

Visit for more on Bex, her brand, and where you can find her pieces near you. 

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