“Werewoman” the web series tackles wild sexuality


From Kingsberg Studios in Halifax, Nova Scotia comes Werewoman, a female skewed web series that asks the question, “What would happen if a man could really, truly walk a mile in a woman’s shoes…or body?”

The series follows Patrick, the only man living in an all-female house, who unexpectedly is transformed into a woman by the power of his roommates’ synchronized menstrual cycles. Through his adventures and mishaps as a man stuck inside a woman’s body, he’s forced to play the part, and learns to overcome his own preconceptions about gender and sexuality. According to creator, producer and ensemble member Kimberly Sue Murray (Mirror Mirror, The Colony, Being Human), the series is about a “person’s journey to self-discovery and acceptance.”

WEREWOMAN still - Where's my d---!-

“Queer relationships, in a range of forms, are a key part of our show. Gender identity is a central theme for us, “ Murray continues.

Murray teases, “We don’t want to give away any spoilers but Patrick/Patricia and Jackie’s relationship (among others) will be explored through shifts in sex and gender. How their relationship evolves and changes due to this transformation will be a fundamental part of the show.”

WEREWOMAN still - Cuddles

Will Patrick/Patricia be able to accept and adapt to this new body? Will Jackie be able to accept her lover’s new female form? Will the connection and attraction withstand the metamorphosis? Murray promises that all these questions will be answered throughout the series.

Also starring in Werewoman is Jonathan Sousa (Rookie Blue) as Patrick, Amber Goldfarb (Lost Girl, Being Human, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation) as his alter ego, Patricia and Matthew G. Brown (Covert Affairs, Nikita, Rookie Blue) as Seth.

Though the series is still in production (and looking for funding) it promises to be a quality series with high production value, stellar acting and rich, complicated storylines.

Check out the NSFW trailer and see what you think:

Is Werewoman a series you would like to see?

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