Father arrested in connection with lesbian couple slain in Texas


In a shocking development in the case of two women murdered in Texas last week, the father of slain Britney Cosby has been arrested in connection with the crime. James Larry Cosby is currently in police custody, charged with two counts of tampering with evidence. While he hasn’t yet been charged with the murder of his daughter Britney and her partner Crystal Jackson, evidence is suggesting he had a large involvement, and people that knew him are speaking out to say he wasn’t happy his daughter was gay.

Britney’s mother Loranda McDonald says she left James because he was violent, and he also has a criminal history. She acknowledged that he was un-accepting of Britney and Crystal’s relationship, but the idea that he could have brutally beaten and shot them is unfathomable. When trying to understand these kinds of terrible acts, which we are not immune to despite our increasing safe feelings of being out in society, it’s a reminder that homophobia is still thriving.

From Sarah Schulman‘s Ties That Bind: Familial Homophobia:

Homophobes abuse gays and lesbians for different reasons in different ways to different degrees, each reflecting underlying personality problems… Homophobes with a psychotic antisocial personality disorder bash gays and lesbians for personal gain… Psychopathic homophobes are guiltless people who shamelessly externalize blame so that they can get the good things to which they feel entitled…. They can diminish the standing of others to increase their chances of getting something…and being manipulative by nature they know how to cleverly excuse their gay bashing with various tricks of logic, to convince themselves and others that their mission is admirable.

Trying to comprehend these kinds of horrendous events doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to deal with, but it can provide a frame of which to view how terrifying homophobia can truly be. It can transcend the love between a father and daughter. It can manifest into pure evil. Britney and Crystal both deserved better. We deserve better.

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