Brandi Carlile and her wife are expecting


Singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile is used to birthing a baby every couple of years, but it’s usually in the form of an album. This June, she and her wife Catherine will produce one of a different kind: a baby girl.

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The Seattle Times reports that Catherine had her hand on her pregnant belly at an event at the Pike Place Foundation last Thursday, where Brandi was speaking about her time spent busking at the Pike Place Market. The Times also noted that Brandi’s Looking Out Foundation (which Catherine also works for) is set to relaunch its Fight the Fear Campaign which was inspired by the tragic death of Teresa Butz, a lesbian who was killed in her home in 2009 while her partner barely survived. Fight the Fear offers “free self-defense training and support to those who have suffered violence across the country, wherever Carlile’s tour takes her.”

It looks like she might have to get one of those baby on board bumper stickers for the tour bus! Congrats to Brandi and Catherine.

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