Lorde and Taylor Swift are not in lesbians with each other


When two female celebrities hang out together more than once and there are pictures to prove it, does that mean they could possibly be more than friends? A (male) KISS FM radio DJ thinks so, as he asked 17-year-old pop singer Lorde about her recent hangtime with Taylor Swift (who, for the record, has a lot of female friends). Here’s how the convo went:

DJ: “I see you guys [in] pictures everywhere. Are you guys together now? Not together as in lesbians, I’m not talking about ‘Ellen together,’ I’m talking about, like you guys are friendly right?

Lorde: What do you mean you’re not talking about “Ellen together?” Is there something wrong with lesbians?

DJ: Oh my god no, I would love that! Are you going to confirm now you’re in a lesbian relationship with her?

Lorde: Don’t even try it.

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Lorde: 1, DJ: 0. She totally handled it in the best way possible: She challenged that douche, just like she’s taken on others in the past. Last year she told MTV:

“I was on the internet the other day, and I saw that someone had made up a quote about me not liking gay people, and I was like ‘Wha?!?'” she sighed. “Now there are probably a bunch of people out there who think I hate gay people now, which is ridiculous. But you have to let it go. I just want to continue making music; it’s the reason I’m here in the first place.”

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Lorde + Taylor: Friends 4-ever.

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