Shay Mitchell and Naya Rivera continue their competition to be your favorite gay for pay


Shay Mitchell and Naya Rivera have a lot in common. They’re both gorgeous women of color who play gay ladies on primetime television and consistently land in the top 10 of our AfterEllen Hot 100 because they drive lesbians wild. They seem to like each other. They chat on Twitter sometimes. They canoodled for a photo once at the Much Music Awards. But during last night’s Glee, it became obvious that there’s a dark side to their relationship that might be lost on the casual observer.

A Timeline of Cutthroat Competition

3380cbaad6ed11e2b61322000a1f93587-1371483885Twin-haired superheroes or mortal enemies?!

June 2013: Shay Mitchell’s Emily Fields shows off her shoulders in a blue top.


November 2013: Naya Rivera’s Santana Lopez shows off her shoulders an an even tighter blue top.


October 2012: Shay Mitchell’s Emily Fields takes her girlfriend to an Adam Lambert concert on a haunted train.

shay-naya-3 shay-naya-4

November 2013: Naya Rivera’s Santana Lopez starts a band with her girlfriend and Adam Lambert.

shay-naya-5 shay-naya-6

July 23, 2013: During PLL episode 408, “Crash and Burn, Girl” Naya Instagrams herself on a yacht.


November 7, 2013: During Glee episode 504, “A Katy or a Gaga,” Shay Instagrams herself in a leather jacket.


Oh, yes, Shay Mitchell and Naya Rivera are caught in a seductive game of accidental one-upmanship and the winner is us. May this savage clash of sexiness ever end!

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