Mel B pulls a Pink and makes out with herself in “For Once in My Life”


Former Spice Girl Mel B (nee Melanie Brown) has released her first new music video in eight years. The bisexual pop star premiered the video on Perez Hilton today, where it’s not embeddable, but here’s one moment you won’t want to miss:

melb1 melb2

The whole theme of the video is Mel changing personas, stripping down, dressing up, doing things she’s always wanted to do. (Thus the whole “For Once in My Life” theme.) Apparently one of those things is putting on a white tank top and kissing herself. If you recall, Pink did a similar thing in her video for “Sober” a few years back.


As for Mel B’s bisexuality, she recently called it a “phase” while doing an interview with Sway in the Morning on Sirius XM.

“I was that for a hot minute back in the day. Just a year,” Mel said. “I had a girlfriend. I was in a committed relationship just for a few minutes but she went a little bit nuts. I dated quite a few women throughout that year.”

Mel’s married now (to a dude) and she says she’s trained her husband to “act like a lesbian in the bedroom.” Oh Mel, tell us what you want, what you really really want.

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