Sydney Leroux and other athletes show off their hot bodies


ESPN: The Magazine‘s Body Issue 2013 (“The Bodies We Want”)  is out now and is chock full of lovely ladies. Featuring eleven female professional athletes in the buff, it immediately got my attention when I stumbled across the promotional content on XBox Live. The videos are also available on the ESPN site and give you a cool behind-the-scenes look of selected photoshoots.

The hottest featurette, in my opinion, is of Tarah Gieger, female professional motocross racer, riding her RedBull branded bike in her insanely toned birthday suit. I give her props for even attempting jumps with absolutely no padding.

I think I just sold a few issues with that clip.

If you’re into ladies who love grappling then check out Miesha Tate, UFC mixed martial artist.


In her write-up she states, “I absolutely love jiu jitsu. I get to choke people out and practice all my cool submission holds.” I just felt a whoosh of air from hundreds of lesbians raising their hands simultaneously to volunteer to help her practice.

Winner of sexiest quote definitely goes to Courtney Force, Funny Car drag racer. In the article she refers to her motivation: “The greatest thing about our sport is that the race car doesn’t know if it’s a male or female behind the wheel. It’s going to drive how it’s going to drive, and you’ve just got to be the person in the cockpit who knows how to handle it.”

The coolest photo shoot had to be Sydney Leroux, professional soccer player for the Boston Breakers. ESPN got some amazing shots of Leroux mid-air using a trampoline and landing mats.

Other female athletes featured in this issue included Kerri Walsh Jennings, Swin Cash, Carly Booth, Elena Hight, Agnieszka Radwanska, Daila Ojeda and Marlen Esparza. What do you think of the picks? Who should be in the 2014 issue? And do you think these photographers have the best job in the world? I do.


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