Naya Rivera wants you to stop being mad at her!


When Santana Lopez walked up the stairs of the the NYC subway a couple of weeks ago, and stepped out into a bustling Bushwick day, the entire internet heaved a collective sigh of relief. Finally, Glee had moved her to New York. Naya Rivera was glad, too — but it doesn’t make her any less jealous of the “running around with balloons” that the new New Directions are getting to do back in Lima, OH. Rivera gave a hilarious, candid interview to Vulture recently, in which she addressed Santana’s move to the Big Apple, the future of Brittana, and how she really wants people to stop being mad at her.

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On the Brittana breakup:

You know, I haven’t spoken to [the writers] about why, but I felt like it was just the natural choice. Brittany is obviously still in high school and Santana has now moved to New York. And they’ve been exploring the long-distance thing with — I’m gonna say it — Klaine, but not for Brittany and Santana. I like that so far.

On Quinn being a “lesbian for a minute”:

That was really weird. I think it was just like, “Oh, we’re having this wedding, and everyone’s gonna hook up. And that’s just what’s happening!” I don’t know. I didn’t really think anything of it. I just thought that it made sense because [Quinn] is like a crazy person anyways. Of course she would just try this because she would try anything. [Laughs.]

On coming back for another season:

You never really know what they plan on doing. I think we’ve been on the show a really long time; I wasn’t really sure what they were going to do with Santana but I think that her story line is evolving and there is more to tell. So yeah, I’d absolutely be down to be around for some portion of that. But there is the album stuff that I desperately want to get done. It’s just a matter of finding a balance.

The whole interview is great. Click through to read more about Brittana’s future and about Rivera’s upcoming album.

Would you rather see Santana solo stories or a Brittana reconciliation storyline?

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