That’s So “National Enquirer”: report claims the tabloid “outs” Raven Symone as a lesbian


I’m pretty sure The National Enquirer has a celebrity “Wheel of Gay” that they spin every few days to decide which star will receive an “Exclusive Outing.” It’s been like this for years and I usually roll my eyes and grunt when seeing their headlines. Today is a new day and instead of an eye roll I am letting out what I hope will be the biggest “Oh, snap!” heard round the world. The wesbite MediaTakeOut reports that my favorite Cheetah Girl, Raven Symone, has come out in The Enquirer and is in a relationship with AzMarie Livingston from this season of America’s Next Top Model (that I somehow didn’t watch but that Ali Davis has been recapping for us here at

Raven Symone

Photo by Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

The tabloid reports, “Sources close to Raven say she’s GAY.” Hold up now. First of all, I want to know who qualifies as being a “close source.” Secondly, I want to know why they were saying she’s gay in all caps? Let’s cool it with the caps, ok?

They go on to state:

The two are living together in Raven’s luxury $11,00-a-month New York City condo. She’s at a point now where she doesn’t care what her family thinks, and she’s in love with AzMarie. She’s a lesbian and wants to live that way.


AzMarie Livingston

Photo courtesy of CW

I’m not sure I can believe a publication that is distracting me with a rental figure that is obviously missing a digit, but as someone who has had a small obsession with all things Raven for the past six years, I can’t deny how fantastic this would be if it were true.

What do you think? I have never even heard rumors about her being a member of our team before. Have you? Are there any other child stars you had crushes on back in the day that you hoped would come out someday?

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