Savages’ “Silence Yourself” is your new favorite album


Today Savages‘ debut album Silence Yourself is out and it’s something you will put on and never want to turn off. It’s speaking your language, saying those things you don’t say, or didn’t know you wanted to say — not like that. The four-piece is a combination of Joy Division, Electrelane and Annie Lennox, dark post-punk with sex appeal and societal commentary fronted by the androgynous, handsome Jehnny Beth.

In a recent interview with Pitchfork, Jehnny spoke of her interest in pornography (“I watch a lot of it”) and a transwoman fan who was inspired by the band and vice versa. Drummer Fay Milton said their songs were music to “fuck on the floor to!” Guitarist Gemma Thompson added that it’s music to “break shit to.” They agree it’s perfect for both — and who doesn’t want to do those things once in a while?

“I wanted to avoid love-song clichés and to twist the imagery of females,” Jehnny told The Guardian. “We don’t write about love and romance. We write about violence, domestic things and having a masculine view on feminine issues,” Gemma agreed, which might not be altogether new, but is still subversive in today’s musical climate.

Their song “Husbands” was inspired not by real life spouses but a John Cassavetes‘ film, and they worked with xx producer Rodaidh McDonald on Silence Yourself, two facts that should give you an idea of the things they take inspiration from. But in case you are looking for it to be more spelled out, Savages also post manifestos on their website, such as “Saves are a self-affirming voice to help experience our girlfriends differently, our husbands, our jobs, our erotic life and the place music occupies into our lives.”

Silence Yourself is full of lust and darkness and all those things women have that we’re told we’re not supposed to. It’s music for the woman who wants to break things and fuck on the floor, and yes, she exists.

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