Stealing Sheep, Karlie Bruce, Malka Spigel & More New Music You May Have Missed


I’m a day late and more than a dollar short but I promised you more new music and I am not one to forget about my promises. The three albums featured below may be of the more mellow and, at times, somber kind, but they are all spectacular. Since you’ll be shuffling into your weekend, I will also leave you with some added goodies for anyone concerned their dance pants will be marred by tears.

Stealing SheepInto the Diamond Sun (Heavenly Recordings)

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If you’ve been missing Broadcast‘s blend of upbeat & mellow vibes, you will absolutely adore this debut from Liverpool three-piece. Their sound is a great update to what might be considered classic psychedelic folk. After hearing this full-length, I’ll have to try to dig up the EP of early recordings the ladies released as Noah & The Paper Moon.

Oooh, I think I may have struck gold with one of their older tracks. There’s an eerier electronic story coming out of this one. I will celebrate it all!

Karlie BrucePaperback Lover (Karlie Bruce)

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Karlie Bruce has put together the perfect sultry, seductive and even a bit sullen soundscape for the days or nights you need time to yourself. What I find interesting is how much I’ve been enjoying the album without being able to distinguish one song from the next. The guitar chords, slow drum beats ending in a crash cymbal and vocal tones are very similar across the board but everything is done in a way that draws you closer as though she were a siren and you had to heed her calls.

Malka SpigelEvery Day Is Like The First Day (Swim)

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Much like the album above, there is a somber tone to Spigel’s album but the first few songs fall more delicately on your ears. The plucking of the guitars on “Lost in Sound” are like gentle taps on your back and her voice is soft like a shoulder to lean on. It should come as no surprise to Nico fans that Spigel has drawn a lot of comparisons to the late artist. Even when the album picks up and takes on more of a Stereolab or Chicks on Speed vibe (check out my favorite track on the album: “See it Sideways”) Malka is very much her own artist. 

Music Extras: Digitalism just released a track, “Silenz,” which has got me feeling like dancing with some kind of glittery silver makeup on my lips and eyes. Love.

Tori Amos has a new album coming out in October and to start getting you pumped for it, she’s put out a music video for the track “Flavor.” I can’t really understand what is going on in this except all of New York seems to be in slow motion and has left tread marks on Tori’s face with her eyeliner. The song is pretty good but I’m confused enough to ask for help from the audience (you) in helping me understand the artistic direction of the video. Please and thank you.

Stream Charli XCX‘s  industrial-pop jam, “You’re The One”:

Ready for some nu-disco realness? Um, hell yes, this has got me ready for the weekend!

This Anya track remixed by Ivan Alarcon is pretty hot and they’re giving it away as a free download too!

“Butter Soul” comes from 23 year-old Lillian Todd Jones and her husky voice is alluring while the beginning of the song is rich in its minimalism. I can’t wait to hear more!

That’s all for this week but I’ll be back with more new music next week. In the meantime and between time, you can follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook or if you’re in Chicago and headed to see my friend DJ Nicki Butler spinning at Rehab tonight, come up and say hi. I’m tube-topping it up so let’s get cray.

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