10 Lesbian Summer Hits To Get Your Girl


My friend recently decided that 2019 was the Gay Year. She calls it “lesbians use their words 2019”, or basically convey your lesbian desires to That Girl rather than admire for afar for decades (a lesbian either U Hauls or pines for the girl of her dreams for all of eternity, there is no in-between).

Not to fear, Single Lesbian Who Made That Move recently is here to give you my deepest darkest secret: lesbians LOVE  love songs, especially when you slyly inform them that those lyrics remind you of their luscious hair or lumberjack outfit (unless you want to seduce the girls on our list instead). Lez get started!

1. Girl In Red- Say Anything

I know, I know, ultimate Sad Girl aesthetic, but that’s what we love about Marie Ulven. Her raw desire and longings can be intuitively felt and experienced. You can relive your teenage years while imbuing them with some lesbian lust! Additionally, her lyrics call out heteronormativity: “I’m not talking about boys, I’m talking about girls.” And who could forget “they’re so pretty with their button-up shirts”. It’s confirmed, Marie’s type wears plaid. Be right back, switching up my closet. When in doubt, say anything.

2. Alyson Stoner-Fool

Remember Sally from Mike’s Super Short Show? Well, now she’s in a bathtub and kissing futches on the beach.     What is it with Disney stars and loving ladies? Is there something Minnie’s not telling us? When Alyson came out in 2018 in a Teen Vogue article, little me did a Super Short happy dance. “Fool” is a brilliant expression of sexuality and openness.

3. Janelle Monáe- Pynk

This one is for us shy lesbians that opt for subtlety or sensuality rather than explicit sexuality. Janelle’s outfit itself was iconic enough to start a wildfire online, so imagine what it would do to your girl (looking at you, Target: make this happen). If all else fails, we still got the pynk (and by that I mean our community). The next Dinah Shore should really model itself after a Janelle Monáe music video. Imagine the potential!

4. Gia Woods-Only A Girl

Gia’s bold lyrics reflect a self-assurance in identity and sexuality. We all know tennis is trademarked by lesbians (first Dana now Gia?) so exposing your boo to the sensuality involved in sport and competition is a strategic move. Her comparison between heterosexual and lesbian relationships is also on point and serves as a reminder that female relationships are special and offer different dynamics such as increased validation and understanding as well as synchronicity (it’s just science). The slow burn through discreet hand touching will tell your girl that passion is not limited to sex.

5. Hayley Kiyoko- I Wish

I know that this is a breakup song but hear me out. The witch aesthetic is a lesbian mating call, as are all Hayley Kiyoko lyrics. Furthermore, those dance moves awaken the lesbian spirit more than any spell. The plot twist (Hayley realizing that they weren’t a good match to begin with and wishing for a new girlfriend) is phenomenal and turns this initially melancholic song right on its head, instead metamorphosing it into a motivational tune. This choice will demonstrate your self-awareness and ability to reflect. Honestly, 99.9% of Hayley fans are also fans of women so you can’t go wrong with any of her songs.

6. Matilda-Apologize

We love to promote foreign artists here on AfterEllen, and Matilda from Norway is no exception. The classic pinning after the stranger at the party story is a familiar one that women who love women can relate to. The music video consists in the juxtaposition of tender moments from a past relationship that disintegrated despite lingering feelings. Share this one with your dark and twisty crush or your ex that you’re still harboring feelings for.

7.  Cheat Codes and Little Mix-Only You

Have you ever sat alone at a party and had a cute girl almost immediately approach you? Me neither, and that’s why I love this music video. There’s a fantastical element to the narrative, amplified through the intensity of the party atmosphere and lighting, The chemistry between the two is palpable, achieved through hair touching and slow dances. This one is for all the college lesbians that set their eyes on that girl at that party and struggle to make a move. Send this video to her instead!

8. Halsey-Without Me

Halsey’s explicitness about her sexuality and devil may care attitude already make her a community favorite. At the end of her passionate performance of this song at the Billboard Music Awards, she kisses her co-performer and set the entertainment world ablaze. Draw inspiration from her risk-taking and kiss that girl!

9. Silversun Pickups- Dots and Dashes

While lying on a bench, the protagonist of the music video literally gets picked up by a hot girl on a motorcycle. She lets herself loose in the moment and throws her arms up in the air in a gesture of elation. As we know, this isn’t a common occurrence in the real world, but this will relay a Very Gay message to that biker chick you set your eyes on once.

10. King Princess-Prophet

Imagine being admired so much that you’re referred to as a prophet. The lyrics simply convey a romantic desire for someone who maybe hasn’t noticed the potential of your relationship. The relatability of the specific experience of wanting to be someone’s primary romantic focus ( “I just want to be your pretty girl when you want it”) will hopefully get your girl wondering about what could be. Check out our interview with King Princess while you’re at it.

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