This is Lesbian Jazz. Thank you, Samantha Sidley


Samantha Sidley is a subtly seductive lesbian jazz singer from Los Angeles, California. “I Like Girls,” her delectably sweet lead single, is a taste of more goodness to come—sassy, classy vintage-style jazz. Her upcoming debut album, Interior Person, releases  Sept 13th. Sidley intentioned the album to celebrate us (*woot woot*)—women who love women. “I’m gay and I’m proud, and I want to sing songs that are about being gay and proud,” Sidley explains.

She wrote and recorded songs with her wife, Barbara Gruska, drummer. She also collaborated with Alex Lilly and Inara George from The Bird and the Bee.

Sidley first met her wife at a concert in L.A. where Gruska’s band (The Belle Brigade) was performing and felt instantly smitten, a true L.A. love story.

Sidely’s voice in “I Like Girls” is playful and velvety, a perfect mood-setter for a cocktail hour—in your favorite vintage dress or three-piece suit. If you enjoy high-collar “get down” jazz (with or without the matching cuffs) this song does not disappoint: it packs a steamy horn section and a sexy trombone solo.

As Grimy Goods describes, “(‘I Like Girls’) takes us back to the speakeasies of the 20s, with flirtatious saxophones and crisp, expressive vocals. The song is a sophisticated and delicious ice-breaker, serving anthemic lyrical content for an evolving culture.” High praise, and it’s true.

Thank you, Missus Sidley. More, please.

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