Premiere: Danielle Duval Releases Music Video for ‘Lose It’ & ‘Subway Wall’


AfterEllen is on a quest to discover exciting new music, and we recently came across Toronto-based musician Danielle Duval. This is her official music video premiere for ‘Lose It’ and “Subway Wall,’ and here’s some behind the music background:

The video was directed by Christopher Mills (Modest Mouse, Interpol, Broken Social Scene, Metric) and takes the unorthodox approach to combine two songs in one video. LOSE IT sees DANIELLE DUVAL get lost in the subway while self-contemplating a lost opportunity for Love. Danielle splits into ghosts of herself, dancing, performing, materializing and re-materializing as the world around her gyrates, and shifts to the rhythm of the track(s). The clip makes a seamless segue into SUBWAY WALL – a more serious and contemplative portrait of Ms. Duval, which gyrates in glitchy, stutter pixel-crushed counter-rhythms. ‘Subway Wall’ is a director’s cut, a rerun, a stoppage of time; a rare and endangered opportunity to go back in time and get that moment right. ‘Subway Wall’  is a portal into a worth it future you can bask in.

The songs are both off Danielle’s new full-length album, Lose It. The album features 10 melodic indie-rock tracks that are juxtaposed with the sounds, textures and addictive drive of electro-synth-pop music, with lyrics that cut straight to the heart. It simultaneously maintains Duval’s unique edge as a songwriter as it explores and incorporates the vast, dynamic layers, pulse, fast tempos, and catchy energy that new wave music provided in the late 70s to late 80s. The new video also juxtaposes Danielle’s musical and private persona in a beautiful way. LOSE IT is vibrant and colorful, while SUBWAY WALL is intimate and black and white. Music videos are supposed to unlock unseen layers, and this double masterpiece does just that, bringing us closer to Danielle Duval than ever before.

“LOSE IT & SUBWAY WALL were written at very different times, and to me were always about very different things. It was Christopher’s idea to bring the two songs together for this epic piece of video art.  As soon as I fell witness to Christopher’s interpretation, I realized how closely knit the two songs really are. Music & lyrics, much like paint on a canvas or text in a book, should always be given room to speak for themselves, and room for the outsider imagination to make up its own mind. Christopher’s intuitive, perceptive commentary on my heart floored me. The presence of multi-dimensional, complex, intense layers is always inherent in Christopher’s work, and his insightful style turned out to be quite the accurate blueprint to my frenetic brain.” – Danielle Duval


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