Hayley Kiyoko dreams of an all-female version of “The Bachelor” and we are so on board!


We can’t get enough of Hayley Kiyoko. The multi-talented singer, director, actress and songwriter has us enthralled, especially since we were lucky enough to spend an exclusive evening with her in NYC preceding the release of her debut album EXPECTATIONS and national tour. Make sure to check out the Q&A from that special night, and also our editor in chief’s phone interview with the pop star right HERE.

But wait, we need more Hayley, you say. Duh. That’s why we sourced this amazing Fuse video for you, because there should never be a missed moment when it comes to Lesbian Jesus. Especially when Lesbian Jesus is talking about finding love on Instagram, vaping, (or not vaping) and her dream of being the first lesbian on The Bachelor, with twenty-six women to choose from. Which reminds us… how is that not a thing yet???

Fuse and FM will be running four weeks worth of Hayley Kiyoko programming, including interviews and her new music video “Curious” so let’s get our snacks ready.

First up as part of Fuse First Coverage and their new series Rant & Rave, Hayley shares her thoughts on equal pay, Coachella, online dating and more. And pssst! She’s an Aries, just like the editor of AfterEllen. Shout out to Aries babies! Now watch what else our favorite pop star and Coachella-loving California queen has to say about astrology.

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