Young M.A takes us to her grandmother’s kitchen and gets personal


Made From Scratch,  Fuse’s newest original digital series, gives viewers a taste of what music’s hottest artists are like when they step outside of the studio and into the kitchen.

In the premiere episode, out rapper Young M.A takes viewers into her home kitchen to meet her grandmother, G-Mac, and it’s completely adorable. She shares her struggle to give up meat on the weight loss journey she embarked on after gaining weight on the road (fast food, diners, and booze aren’t always slimming, we understand) and opens up about her early days in music.

The platinum selling rapper shares what her early life was like, her introduction to music (queue 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Trying), and the love she has for her family, especially her grandmother, who never judged her for being a lesbian or for any other reason. She further shares that while she is proudly female and gay, she never wanted to be labeled the “female rapper” or the “gay rapper or the dyke rapper.”

As a bonus, this episode gives away the secret to G-Mac’s delicious spicy cabbage and fish fry. Watch:

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