Watch How a Song is Born with Out Singer Keeana Kee

Over the weekend Keeana Kee made new music with Luc and the Lovingtons, creating a beautiful song called “Take Me ‘Round the World”. Just for AfterEllen, she made a video that gives us a behind the scenes look at the songwriting process, so we can see how a song is born from start to finish.
“The song was born way up in the mountains in California by us just jamming with the guitar. I hope this song will bring love to the World. We spent the whole day then writing new melodies, figuring out the harmonies and the structure of the song I hope readers of will enjoy being a little part of it.”

We hope you know Keeana Kee by now, but if you aren’t familiar with Luc and the Lovingtons, Keeana describes him as  “an incredibly kind – hearted person that does not stop bringing joy to people all around the world. Traveling around, visiting and playing for people less fortunate, he visits kids and families in shelters in countries like Syria and Africa, and just recently  Puerto Rico to visit those affected by the hurricane. I am incredibly proud of knowing him and having this song written with him, “Take Me Round the World”. One of my favorite songs of his is “Welcome to My House” which you can watch a video for HERE.
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