Jocelyn’s “See You in August” Playlist on Spotify


Many of  you already checked out our brand new Spotify channel and listened to our Lesbian Summer Playlist, and we’re thrilled you liked it! This time, we let our staff writers mix things up. Because MORE is MORE. First up, staff writer Jocelyn Macdonald with “See You in August.”

On your way to Michigan Family Reunion and looking for new jams for your road trip?

Jocelyn’s “See You in August” Playlist is music that will wake you up in time to run into that hottie working breakfast in the kitchen, get you lost and found on a path in the woods, drag you to the day stage, work your body like it’s 2 am in the Zone, and then lay you down on a bed of ferns.

But it’s also really awesome to listen to no matter where you happen to be…camping? poolside?  Just looking for new music? Go to user afterellenmusic on Spotify.  You can also  type in the name of the playlist you want (“Jocelyn’s See You In August Playlist” for example)

Be sure to follow us to see when other staff members add their unique lists!

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Feature image by Desdemona Burgin

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