Mystery Pop Act “FHB” to Perform at Dinah Shore Weekend



Female empowerment is going to be a major theme at The Dinah Weekend this year, and the largest lesbian event in the world is rolling out some female performers who embody the essence of woman power. In addition to some of their core musical acts like CeCe Peniston, Tish Hyman, and Lizzo, there will be a few surprises on the stages at The Dinah 2017, and this is one of them.  Introducing “FHB.”

No one really knows who “FHB” is, or what the three mystery letters stand for. When they perform, the musicians wear masks, and we are told this is because they want their music to speak for itself, without a focus on gender, race, or other aspects of a person that shouldn’t be taken into consideration when appreciating music.

 With an emphasis on female empowerment and non-conformity as their driving forces, “FHB’ is expected to stun their audience in Palm Springs at a time when the focus is on women who have shattered the glass ceiling. Here is the pop trio performing their hit single  “Regular.”

FHB is fearless. They are anything but regular. Faceless, nameless, but with a clear message!
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