Exclusive Premiere: Sister Crayon’s minority and protest-driven music video for “Providence”


Queer band Sister Crayon have a new video for their track “Providence” that is inspired by their experiences living in lower class areas of Oakland and Sacramento, California.

“We wanted to portray real families and real struggles of what it’s like to just live in modern America,” the band says of the Karl Ritcher-directed video. “Being a human is hard alone but being a minority in America is an entirely different thing and we wanted to portray the various types of lives that aren’t normally showcased in music today: lesbian mothers raising a teenage son, to a Mexican young father raising a blind son to my own neighborhood in West Oakland.”


The video also has footage from Oakland-based protests that took place after the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown earlier this year. Check it out below!

Find out more about Sister Crayon on Facebook and Twitter.

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