Played Out: Chill Town


Hello and welcome to Played Out, AfterEllen’s weekly new music playlist. More so than usual this week I went a little weird on y’all. Quite a range, but I’m pretty gosh darned pleased with what the music gods have bestowed on us this week. Sneak an ear peek and let me know what y’all think. 

Lianne La Havas – “Green and Gold”

Just the right track to lead this playlist into the weekend and beyond. If I wore gauzy little numbers while I primped I might be prone to do something similar while listening to this before a night out.


HSY – “Scratch”

Ok, ok: I get that this is a weird song to follow “Green and Gold” up with but in my music discovery research this week it’s what I listened to directly after so why rock the boat? They’re both good, you’re just going to have to trust me.

Fuzz – “Rat Race”

Can you be nostalgic for a song before you’ve ever heard it? Because I think I was for this.

Mac DeMarco – “No Other Heart

Best new song of his I’ve heard since since Salad Days. It employs all of the best of his myriad talents, pretty and recognizable Mac-y guitar work alongside some pretty tender lyrics.

Toian – “Love It”

Featured in dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel’s “Ice Queen” last year Toian is a rising force in the genre-blending in pop sensibilities. “Love It” is a pretty perfect summer song.

XYLØ – “Afterlife”

After hearing this song a couple of days ago it’s already creeping across the netwaves popping up all over blogs far and wide. And it’s easy to see why, totally catchy but still cool synth-nearing-dark-pop production from LA duo.

Dralms – “Shook”

The first peek into Canadian producer Christopher Smith’s latest EP that will be out this October. The initial sound is refreshing and comfortably haunting, looking forward to hearing more.

Hinds – “Chili Town”

I guess I can’t hold all of Madrid accountable for my having to spend a week in the hospital with a pneumonia there last month, and why would I with such cool projects like Hinds (formerly Deers) coming out of the Spanish capital. Super chill low-fi garage rock by an all female quartet.   

Alxandr London – “DATE X”

Currently not signed, but I can’t imagine for much longer. This British artist is flawlessly creating and seamlessly blending his music into the contemporary landscape of electronic R&B.

W Darling – “Nights Like This

I can’t tell if I’m regressing but like this song is really good right? I should be listening to like orchestras or something at my age, but you know what all I want is some unadulterated Canadian pop.

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