Played Out: Girls to the front


One of my lungs is still a little collapsed from my European pneumonia mess, but that didn’t stop me from eloping this week. Or, and I’d say arguably more importantly, putting together this here little Played Out playlist for us all to enjoy. Just a warning: It’s pretty upbeat ladies.


Tunde Olanrian – “KYBM”

You know, the best part of summer music is that it’s fun. Remember fun? It’s that thing that in winter we trade for despair.


Dilly Dally – “Desire”


The girls-to-the-front track of the week. My fangirling for Dilly Dally is getting a little OOC, and “Desire” might be the best single to date.

Evvol – “Sola”

About a year ago, my writing partner Erin introduced me to her best friend Julie in Berlin via Skype and mentioned she was in a pretty interesting electronic project. Pretty interesting doesn’t even scratch the surface with Evvol. The latest video and single are a modern day meditation on cool.

Pixx – “Fall In”

Meandering, wanderlustful pop from 19-year-old Brit Hannah Rodgers. More intricate and arresting than it needed to be, and a welcome addition to a genre flooded with mediocrity.

Pearls Negras – “Meu Bem”

If this isn’t the best thing to happen to you this week then you’re probably also in a Brazilian trio of teenage girls making sick hip hop/pop music and these girls just beat you to the punch.

Ciara – “Dance Like We’re Making Love

Both Future and Ciara released music. But let’s be honest about what we’d rather see.


Cyril Hahn Feat. Yumi Zouma- “Same”

A collaboration fit for the rooftop deck of Soho Houses around the world. Not that I’m complaining if any members are offering to take me to brunch and see what’s pumping through the speakers.


Mike Krol – “This Is The News”

Charming, churning guitar-driven garage rock. I’d be on board to get my news from him.


Kimbra – “Goldmine”

This week has been good. More pop, please.

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