Played Out: It’s Time for Fun


Hello, all. I know it might seem like I’ve been avoiding you but I promise that’s not the case. I was traveling in Europe for the last three weeks and I really hoped to post my weekly playlist with little anecdotes about my travels. It could have been the start of my lifestyle blog. Things were really about to take off for me. You were going to be a little bit jealous of my fabulous jet-setting life, but instead I got a pneumonia and spent six days in the hospital with no wifi.

Anyway, I’m back Stateside and without any charming tales of my time abroad that don’t involve the hospital staff, though there are a handful of those, and back with a new Played Out just for you.

AAA+ – “Soma Days”

A winding electronic escape rolling into summer. Perfect for long drives, lounge sessions and warm weather basking. 

Toro y Moi feat. Rome Fortune – “Pitch Black”

Rome’s slickly delivered lines over Toro y Moi’s sultry synths, a pretty perfect pairing. Here’s hoping for more surprise singles from Toro.   

Cold Beat – “Cracks”

Not exactly a girls to the front single of the week, but definitely not not girls to the front music.

Julia Holter – “Feel You”

After being gone for three weeks the first thing my roommate asked me was if I’d heard the new Julia Holter song. Pretty high praise and, it turns out, well deserved.

PWR BTTM – “Ugly Cherries”

Arresting and charming rock from a NYC-based queer duo. About the single, vocalist Ben Hopkins told Spin, “It’s a confrontation: an attempt to unpack my own queerness with humor and self care,” and he does it effortlessly.

Goat – “It’s Time For Fun”

Weird and wonderful experimental single from Sweden’s Goat. Begs to be listened to over and over.

Chelsea Wolfe – “After The Fall”

As promised, another Chelsea Wolfe song released and another Chelsea Wolfe song posted. Abyss is out August 7th. I’ll meet you at Tower Records.

Micachu And The Shapes – “Oh Baby”

After composing the score to Jonathan Glazer’s highly regarded 2014 film Under The Skin, Mica Levi is back to her band roots returning to Micachu And The Shapes for their third LP. Look for it out September 11th of this year.

HANA – “Avalanche”

The new face of pop brought to you with the double thumbs up of Grimes. Produced by Blood Diamonds, “Avalanche” delivers the cool side of summer.

Palehound – “Healthier Folk”

Ellen Kempner is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable voices on the scene. Another blazing single teasing out ahead of Palehound’s LP release August 14th.

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