Played Out: Spanish Intuition


Hello from Madrid. Jetlag is a real bear. Well jetlag, tapas, wine, wandering—you get it right? Here’s what I’ve been listening to this week to gear me up for my European adventure. Enjoy.

Cherry Glazerr – “Sip O’ Poison”

This week’s “girls to to the front” selection. Riot grrrl is alive and well and Adult Swim seems to agree. This is one of their official selections for their 2015 Singles Series.

Raury – “Devil’s Whisper”

Atlanta’s Raury provides us with this Western folk number. At once familiar he seamlessly transitions his sound into a more electronic arrangement creating a whole new landscape. Stick it through until the end.

Shannon and the Clams – “Corvette”

Oakland trio Shannon and the Clams are back with more great ’50s inspired rock, and it’s accompanied with a slick little video.

London O’Connor – “Guts”

Quickly becoming a fan favorite—of mine and every music blog I stumbled across this week, at the very least. Unexpected and fun.

Beck – “Dreams

Poised to release his tenth studio album Beck is back. His sound is still relevant and he’s veered shamelessly into the realm of pop for pop’s sake.

Kins – “Little Dancer”

If you’ve got nearly nine minutes to spare, spare them here. This meandering production grows and grows.

Class Actress – “GFE”

Elizabeth Harper seems to have been touched by Midas himself. This latest number is produced by Neon Indian with the master himself Giorgio Moroder overseeing the entire album.

Kiiara – “Gold”

Dysfunctional stuttered beats open to what ultimately is a pretty straightforward pop song. The track maintains its disjointed feel throughout creating a unique texture that’s ultimately quite rewarding.

swim good x Merival – “Swim Good”

This one off collaboration comes from Ryan Hemsworth’s series of Secret Songs, and is another stellar addition to the collection. It’s really landing hard with my vibe of “songs to listen to in the heat.”

Loren Kramer – “My Life”

My girlfriend gchatted this to me sitting directly next to one another on the couch while I was making this playlist. Do you think she wants me to include it? I mean it’s an incredible song, but I already knew she had good taste.


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