Played Out: Deja Vu


I’m coming to you live today from DC where I’m nestled into The Blind Dog cafe which itself is nestled into one of DC’s neighborhoods, but I don’t know which one. It’s really cute though and they’ve been playing incredible funk all morning, so if you find yourself somewhere in DC you could try to find it too. Anyway, I’m here because my little brother, who’s also a member of the mafia (the gay mafia that is) is performing in an opera tonight and no good big sis’ would miss it. Before I run off to explore the Capital’s metro system here’s what I’ve got on repeat this week, check it out and enjoy.


Mikky Ekko – “Pressure Pills

If you didn’t know (and really, how could you?) I love Mikky Ekko. His vocals are silken and powerful and this latest production is dark and electronically influenced in a way that his ballads often eschew.


Georgia – “Be Ache”

I’ve been pretty anti the PC Music movement. I’m just not a teenager and I don’t like computers really, but I gotta hand it to them that some of what’s been seeping out of the hyper productions and crazed synth lines is pretty inventive stuff. Though Georgia isn’t one of their artists the influence is obvious. A really creative and interesting pop song, certainly a path I would willingly be led down.


White Reaper – “Sheila”

I’m always looking for high school rock. You know, the kind of rock you wish you listened to in high school. White Reaper’s “Sheila” is a seamless fit in that category. My mind’s awash with images of smoking pot in the back of someone’s Civic on my way away from class.


Purple – “The Deepest Night”

Did I mention it was raining here? Well it is, and Purple is nailing the mood. This song is like wearing a velour track suit sitting on a white leather couch and really feeling yourself in the moment.  


Chelsea Wolfe – “Carrion Flowers”

I promise the next song below won’t be so dark, but come on don’t you wanna do something just a little bad right now? I’ll probably just post everything she releases up until her album, Abyss, is out August 7th.


Giorgio Moroder feat. Sia– “Deja Vu” Salute Remix

If you never got into 75-year-old Italian disco mastermind producer Giorgio Moroder, now is the time. Last month he released the original of this track. Now the Salute remix kicks it up another notch making it a little more relevant with his slowed down, barren, slick production.


Lolawolf – “Every Fuckin’ Day”

Let’s not pretend like Zoe Kravitz wasn’t your very favorite of Furiosa’s wild bunch. And looks like dad rubbed off a bit with those musical chops.


Jawbreaker Reunion – “Your X”

My girls-to-the-front pick o’ the week. From the opening chord it’s just got some great retro vibes, solid punk sensibilities and inspired vocals.


Weaves – “Tick”

Okay, this too, though.

Deradoorian – “A Beautiful Woman”

Sound familiar? That’s because Angel Deradoorian was the longtime bassist and a vocalist for The Dirty Projectors. She’s back with her first solo effort since 2009 and that voice is as commanding and mysterious as ever.


And thus concludes another edition of Played Out. If you’ve got anything you wanna share with me feel free @its_me_anne (Instagram) or @tweetannietweet (Twitter).

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