In Bed with No Girlfriends


No Girlfriend? No problem. No Girlfriends is an outstanding up and coming rock band busting out of LA’s competitive music scene. Made up entirely of lesbians, including a set of Cali-grown twins, No Girlfriends pumps addictive alt-rock tunes, angst anthems, and deliciously romantic ballads with equal aplomb.

I first caught wind of No Girlfriends potential at Milk Milk Lemonade, Hollywood’s raddest regular lesbian night. Lead singer Janelle Obert’s lilting rasp providing a much-needed respite from my tedious date’s eternal monolog. Upon further inspection, I realized that every member of No Girlfriends is talented and attractive. “Are they really all lesbians?” I whispered hopefully. “Yes. Yes, they are,” a friend confirmed. Fantastic.

NOGF2photos by Carrie Shaltz

Since then, No Girlfriends has released an EP, added a Brit with the voice and face of an angel (Rose Erangey), and polished their signature sound to a tantalizing sheen.  Rose (rhythm guitar and backup vocals), Jess Gehr (drums and twin), Neko Gehr (lead guitar and another twin), and Janelle Obert seamlessly combine into one stunning signature sound.

No Girlfriends isn’t a relationship status update (unfortunately), but actually a tongue in cheek reference to the sexist “You must be with the band” assumption. Janelle explains “Our name actually refers to us being the band, not the band’s girlfriends.” Feminism and homosexuality in one enjoyable package? Yay!

No Girlfriends and I snuggled into Janelle’s super soft bed to talk music, lyrics, lesbians, exes, pop culture, and attitude while swigging jalapeno margaritas. Read the full interview below, then check out the video.

AfterEllen: Who wrote each song on the EP?

Rose: We collectively wrote the music, but Janelle was sole lyricist for the songs.


AE: I read that a lot of your songs are about breakup angst. Any of that going down now?

Janelle: Perhaps a little bit of ex-drama, Rose?

Rose: Break-ups are never easy, and my last one was no exception. In my experience, someone always gets hurt worse. And that sucks. I wish it was juicy drama, but it’s more like painful heartbreak for her so I’m not going blast out about that. I’m glad I had the band to help me through it.


AE: What do you write about when you’re not bitching about girls?

Janelle: Empowerment.


AE: Give me your worst break-up stories.

Janelle: My first girlfriend was cheating on me two months into our nine-month relationship. When she broke up with me I would sit in my car outside of her house and cry.

Rose: She walked up to the car with her pants around her ankles….

Janelle: And I still wanted it to work. Man alive!

Jess: Getting dumped in a bar. A straight sports bar, might I add. Sharing a completely awful experience with a room full of strangers.

Neko: I was with an ex-girlfriend for about two years, she lived in Long Beach and I lived in the valley. The relationship was very tumultuous, with lots of breaking up and getting back together. On one “on” moment, I found out from a mutual friend that she was seeing a guy who lived across the street. Needless to say after finding out that information we went on a permanent break.


AE: What’s the most dickish thing you’ve ever done to a girl?

Janelle: I dated two girls at once and I’m pretty sure they knew about each other, but I guess I’ll never know because neither one will speak to me.

Rose: I kissed the roommate of a girl that was interested in me. That was pretty low.

Jess: I invited three different girls to a show I played, thinking maybe one would show up. All three did. Awkward town, population: me.

Neko: After breaking up with a girlfriend I continued to “see” her, but I didn’t tell her I was also seeing another girl. I brought the other girl to my ex’s show casually and went home with the girl I brought, then afterward went to my ex’s house.


AE: What lesbian stereotypes do you find accurate?

Janelle: Softball playing feminist. Oh, and I like drilling.

Rose: I love the complexities of females. That’s pretty gay, right? Oh, and trucks.

Jess: Softball playing, vegan, and Ani Difranco-loving. I have a tattoo of her record label on my arm.. Lesbian card confirmed!

Neko: Softball/Basketball playing, vegan and I really want a motorcycle.  

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