Played Out: Gender Role


I feel like all I ever do here is talk about the weather, but honestly it’s on my mind a lot. New York has got to quit it with this hot and cold shit. I committed myself to shorts already and let me tell you several mornings this week have been miserable. Anyway with that in mind I went in hard on finding some warmer tracks to thaw my heart (and thighs). Hope you enjoy.

Guantanamo Baywatch – “Do What You Want”

 Who’da thunk Portland would be putting out the perfect song to ring in summer? But here it is, and it’s just the right blend of garage, surf and doo-wop. Just what the doctor ordered.

Tame Impala – “Cause I’m A Man”

Coming off Guantanamo Bay and rolling right into this ’70s style smooth anthem to keep summer vibes high. It’s the first “official” single off the forthcoming LP Currents (although “Let It Happen” will also be on the album, which had leaked and looks like it has since come down of the interwebs).

Tennis – “Easter Island”

This standalone track is the best new Tennis I’ve heard since their first album in 2011. The hyper-cute married duo manage to skirt what could be cloying and twee and instead have produced something dreamy and substantial. (Note: No embed available, so click the link to listen on SoundCloud.)

Fake Palms – “Sun Drips”

Fuzzed out, guitar driven rock track with a solid percussive foundation and a swirling controlled mania of distortion that is not quite jangly, but not quite not. For a first listen at  this Toronto based project is more than promising.

Nosaj Thing feat. Whoarei – “Don’t Mind Me” 

Ever since Nosaj Thing remixed Flying Lotus’ “Camel” four years ago I’ve been pretty in love. This leisurely, winding and expertly crafted new production has me falling all over again.

Tomboy – “Roll Out” (Obey City Remix)

New music from a favorite, NYC’s Tomboy, is in the works. In the meantime, a fresh remix with a pretty radically different production of their stellar track just surfaced.

Dilly Dally – “Gender Role”

Another Toronto-based project, and one I’ve been following for a while. This exemplary punk track tackles a topic near and dear to many of our little hearts.  

Iji – “Hard 2 Wait”

OK, back to my summer kick. A little bit disco, a little bit jazz, well more than a little bit. It’s super good natured, getting ready for the day, lounging at a picnic, lazily reading, kind of music.

River Tiber – “Motives”

There is so much music that sounds utterly the same. Especially when you start attaching popular qualities to it, electronic R&B, young male producer, based in the UK. Could be anything. Thankfully River Tiber rises above the tide with “Motives.”

The Holydrug Couple – “Baby I’m Going Away”

Chile’s The Holydrug Couple came through just in time to provide us with a little ’60s-inspired psych rock to lead us (push us, pull us, drag us) into the weekend. Excellent.

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