Played Out: Summertime or Not


I’ve returned from the sun and the sand a changed woman. OK, not really, but I am slightly more tan. Also April Fool’s was this week. I hope no one got played. I forgot about it, which was nice, and I definitely didn’t believe that any of my lesbian friends who were suddenly engaged to men on Facebook were telling the truth. So take that, gamers. Anyway, here’s another installment of Played Out, AfterEllen’s weekly new music playlist, enjoy.

Du Blonde feat. Samuel T. Herring – “Mind Is On My Mind”

 Creepy, wandering pop featuring Future Islands‘ Samuel T. Herring. His distinct snarl set against Du Blonde’s Beth Jeans Houghton‘s off-kilter pop sensibilities makes for a fun little track.

Darius feat. Wayne Snow– “Helios”

 French producer Darius is pulling out feels with this new track featuring pretty and breezy vocals from Wayne Snow.

Speedy Ortiz – “Puffer”

This is the third single released off their hotly anticipated LP, Foil Deer, out this month. And while I liked “Raising the Skate” and “The Graduates,” for being a reintroduction to a band that I love, “Puffer” is the first sense of something different. Still grunge-pop but with a more mature, gnarled foundation.

Krista Papista – “Modern Girlhood”

A feminist anthem of sorts packaged in Papista’s self claimed “sordid pop” category. Tackling slut-shaming never sounded so cool.  

Heat – “25”

Super label Kitsuné have another great project on their hands with Heat. I might have made it past 25 in my actual life, but the sentiment rings true still. This track nestles nicely in with my sound vision for the summer months.

Ghosts – “I Want To Fall Asleep In Your Arms”

I found this song, or should I say it found me, while I was absentmindedly letting SoundCloud just rumble on. So I looked them up. They are from Ireland. They play electronic music. That’s virtually all that exists on the web. But maybe if we all listen to this song a bunch they’ll tell us more.

Kas – “Pruitt Igoe”

 Goth-y doomgaze hailing from Seattle, I mean where else? Vice called it “apocalyptic Arcade Fire,” and they nailed it.  

Gallant – “Open Up”

Solid electronic production peppered with emotive falsetto vocals. If it doesn’t officially already exist I’m going to categorize this as “bedroom R&B,” and I’m positive you’ll know what I mean.

Dolores Haze – “The Haze”

Stockholm roots, late riot grrrl vibes, sick sense of style. Dolores Haze is hitting all the right buttons. For more on them, check out their very first EP, Accidental, out this month.

Death Valley Girls – “Summertime Or Not”

I want to be an actual Death Valley girl, I think. I also am really into this psych-rock, grunge lady led music dealio that I stumbled into this week. Keep it up.

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