Played Out: Sun-Inspired


Hey ladies. Guess what? I’m on vacation in LA this week. Want to know what I’ve done so far? Let’s see I ate fish tacos and got day drunk on the beach in Malibu, I hiked around in Runyon Canyon and got burned to hell because I haven’t seen sun in seven months in New York’s year round winter, and I’ve been sleeping in a neon Barbie dream home in Echo Park with the Earth’s cutest lady-on-lady couple. Everything in this apartment is plastic or furry and it’s all pink and mainly metallic. What I’m trying to say is vacation fucking rules. My musical selections this week most definitely reflect my startling, sudden and intense vitamin D intake increase, I hope y’all enjoy.

FKA Twigs – “Glass + Patron”

The music gods are making it easy this week. New Twigs, most definitely. She released this track and video, directed by hers truly, for the YouTube Music Awards. Honestly, I’m not sure what’s better: the song or the video. Lucky for us all we can just enjoy them together.  

Blur – “Lonesome Street”

I asked my friend Pauline to comb through my list this week because my mind is on vacation warp. This is all she had to say about this track, “BLUR. DUH.” So I kept it, cuz Blur, duh.

Garden City Movement – “When We Had It Easy”

All I want to do is listen to chill shit like this and drive around because I’m momentarily not feeling the 40 metric tons of stress and pressure that generally rest on my back just from trying to get around on the G train. Like should I take it towards Queens and grab the L at Lorimer or towards whatever the other direction is and get the F in the part of Brooklyn that has a lot of fancy artisanal provisional stores?

MIYNT – “Nick Drake”

Stockholm really just has something in the water. MIYNT is another exemplary beacon of pop goodness. Her particular brand is a little darker, maybe a little deeper than some of the bombastic bubblegum Scandinavia’s been producing. The subtle difference carves out an uncontested path for her to shine.

Halflife feat. Aruba Red – “RIP ME” 

Really good, winding and occasionally atmospheric electronic hip hop from the duo comprised of British rapper Riz Ahmed and producer Distance.

Torres – “Sprinter”

Torres is really opening her up and taking her out onto the highway on her second album. The title track off the album, Sprinter, is another burning single lighting the way to her release in a blaze.  

Mavis Staples – “Your Good Fortune”

I don’t know that I can name another 75-year-old civil rights activist who is still turning out incredible, fresh and relatable music. Mavis Staples is a force to be reckoned with today and apparently forever.  

Chastity Belt – “Cool Slut”

I get it. It’s cute and they’re cute and it’s fun. A little jangly. Get together with your friends and romp around. Oh and remember slut shaming is fucking lame.

Memory Tapes – “Fallout”

Have I mentioned yet that later today we are driving out to the desert to a place called the Integratron (I read it as integration because my mind generally works normally, and had to be corrected) to commune with aliens? Apparently we might be able to time travel, too. I’ll let you know.

Twin Caverns – “Pyramid”

I think I’ll listen to this on a loop before and after my alien talk to lull myself into tranquility. I’m gonna want to extend the moment, you know? Plus Twin Caverns sounds like the kind of place you might go to find peace. 

Thanks for sticking it through again y’all. If you’ve got any suggestions for next week, or you just wanna talk to me about aliens or really whatever, you can reach me at @its_me_anne (Instagram) + @tweetannietweet (Twitter).

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