Played Out: Fever Dreams


Hey all. This week I was struck down in a big way with what Dr. Erin (my writing partner who is not a doctor of any kind) referred to as most probably being the stomach flu. It was awful. but it did leave me with a solid chunk of time in bed with which to listen to lots and lots of music. Sure I was in a sweat den that I created for myself and experiencing strong hallucinatory, spiritual visions, but I honestly think they only helped. All of that to say: here’s this weeks Played Out. Enjoy.

Paul Conrad – “Records”

I know virtually nothing about this Sydney based producer beyond the fact that this track got passed to me in a text message and I was very much all about it. If you’re looking for a bit more direction he sounds something like a male version of Lana Del Rey, lyrical content matter and all.

Django Django – “Reflections”

London’s Django Django just turned out this pumping electronic single ahead of the release of their sophomore LP. Super listenable, dancey track.

Puppy – “The Great Beyond”

If metal were a dog and then this power-pop rock blitz of a song would certainly be a puppy. A cute little puppy who’s developing quite the bark.

Lion Babe ft. Pharrell – “Wonder Woman”

Yo, Annie Mac is killing it over at BBC Radio 1. She happened to snag another killer premiere with Lion Babe’s “Wonder Woman.” A “futuristic R&B” track as she describes it, the NYC based duo had the good fortune of linking up with Pharrell and the production is a testament to his talent.

Houndstooth – “Borderlands”

Houndstooth is making the kind of music that is just begging spring to break the door down on winter hibernation dens. Shaking off the last bits of the winter doldrums, and finally basking in the confusing warmth of the mid-afternoon sun.

Sonnymoon – “Grains of Friends”

Brooklyn based duo Sonnymoon has had their hands in all sorts of pots lately. Vocalist Anna Wise’s fingerprints can be lifted off of Kendrick Lamar’s last two albums and together they’ve toured with the likes of Flying Lotus and the Roots. Already storied musicians in their short careers, they’ve built quite the platform from which to launch.

Broken Water – “Wasted”

Olympia’s Broken Water pays tribute to the grunge Gods that came before in an honest homage. Nostalgic in the best way possible while still leaving room for the rockers to carve out some space all their own.

Femme – “S.O.S.”

Big, nearly bombastic, vocals with more than a fair bit of grit that rest comfortably in a pulsing pillow of pure, pop goodness. I imagine Femme’s tour with Charli XCX is just indulgent pop fun.

LGoony – “NASA” feat. Crack Ignaz

It’s infrequent that I find any kind of flow in German, but this is pretty darned slick. I have no clue what it’s about, but space might be a good guess.

Alabama Shakes – “Future People”

Alt-rock darlings Alabama Shakes are certainly creating quite the buzz around their return. And this second single off their soon to be released full-length, Sound&Color, is maybe even better than their first showing that was posted a couple weeks back.

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