Played Out: Spring Fever


Hey all and welcome to another batch of new singles on this week’s Played Out, AfterEllen’s very own new music playlist. This week was littered with great new tracks, and I did my absolute darndest to sort through them for your listening pleasure.

 Best Coast – “Heaven Sent”

If it were 1995 this would have been a seamless addition to the Clueless soundtrack. Which, God willing, was the intent.

 Soko featuring Ariel Pink- “Lovetrap”

Fresh off Soko’s recently released third album this track is kooky and fun. I’m a big fan of both artists as individual performers and together they make a playful duo that works surprisingly well.

Haelos – “Earth Not Above”

This London-based trio recently signed to Matador, joining the ranks of fan favorites Savages and Darkside. They also released this very slick and dramatic electronic production, which if it is a sign of things to come, is one of the more exciting discoveries this week.

Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles – “Golden Days”

La Luz’s frontwoman Shana Cleveland has been writing and making music with this side project for the last several years. Those efforts are just now coming to light and “Golden Days” is their first release. Certainly in a different vein than La Luz this mellow track is a slow burn worth a listen.

Bill Mountain – “Let’s Get It Started”

A five piece hailing from Houma, Louisiana, you might not be expecting what Bill Mountain has to offer. But this track come blazing in with horns blaring, psychedelic guitar riffs and consistent percussion. It’s the diamond in the rough my week sorely needed.

Sheer Mag – “Button Up”

Like maybe one bar in I’d been made a believer. Scuzzy, lo-fi, layered, driving, weird, grungy, interesting. Yes, OK. As soon as I’m done making this playlist I’m going to listen to this again.

 Tame Impala – “Let It Happen”

It took a couple listens, but once it clicked it swooped me up into it’s little world. Kevin Parker’s genius only seems grow and he seems to be nabbing some well deserved attention lately.

Grimes – “REALiTi” 

Incredibly atmospheric and ephemeral as Grimes is wont to do. She snatched this track up off the cutting room floor after it got axed from her forthcoming album. And with good reason, as a standalone track it reminds that Claire Boucher is quite the pop force.

 Lower Dens – “Ondine”

The second single to be released off Lower Dens forthcoming third album due out at the end of the month Ondine is a beautiful example of Jana Hunter’s velveteen vocals.

 Lord Huron – “The World Ender”

I am just counting on this song to propel me into summer. It’s forcing images of myself in the kind of old convertible Cadillac I think only exists in Las Vegas driving down barren highways in desert settings, and I’m certainly not complaining.

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