Played Out: Stockholm Syndrome


If you were following my frozen pipe saga from last week, I finally went home and there is a giant hole in my wall leading to outside. Not to worry, though, because my landlord just told me to turn the heat up. What’s LA like?

In other news, and the kind that you come here for, new music. It was a really good week on that front. Here are my 10 highlights for this week’s installment of AfterEllen’s Played Out.

Colleen – “Captain of None”

Both engaging and beautiful, “Captain of None” keeps you a bit on edge. It teeters between being a lullaby and piercing into your consciousness. Surprisingly exciting.

Lucern Raze – “Stockholm Syndrome”

Honestly, I’ve kind of always wanted to experience Stockholm Syndrome—I know, like, save it for my therapist—but if it’s anything like this it seems relatively chill. Also the track itself is a perfect fuzzed out package that hits such a sweet spot for me.

Lila Rose – “World On Fire”

This is what’s good about music coming out of Toronto right now. Don’t get me wrong: There is a lot of good music in Toronto in general right now, but this is what T.O. is doing better than anywhere else. That opera doom electronic smash shit, and this Lila Rose track is an exemplary offering.

Warpaint – “No Way Out”

Guess what? Warpaint has a new track. Do you even care what it sounds like? Don’t worry it’s actually sort of a best of single, building on the foundation that 2014’s self-titled laid down in a really seamless manner.

TULA – “River”

I genuinely didn’t expect this to grow as big as it does, but then all the sudden there you are in the middle of a giant swell nestled inside a really solidly constructed pop track.

 Leon Bridges – “Lisa Sawyer”

I was eating my roommate’s ice cream while I was listening to this for the first time and it felt very fitting. (I hope it was my roommate’s.) 

BUOY – “Took Me Up”

I was clearly feeling some kind of way this week with all these smooth, synthy tracks with lady vocals. Anyway, BUOY has been getting lots of FKA Twigs comparisons, which is duly noted but dismissive of her as a force all her own. Definitely worth the listen.

Patrick Wilson – “Love Songs For Robots”

If I was writing a love song for robot, I don’t think it would sound anything like this. But listening to it, I really do think that a robot would be really into it. Also there are different kinds of robots.


Wolf Alice – “Giant Peach” 

Maybe, maybe not a reference to James and his famed stone fruit, but definitely a really fun rock track from London’s Wolf Alice. It’s got enough angst to get a little weird with, but is restrained enough to be relatable.


Pale Honey – “Youth”

I almost forgot about this song and that would have been a real tragedy this week because it’s really good. It’s fun, not overly serious rock, and I can get a little down to it. Also it’s Swedish not-pop, which is exciting to me, too.

That’s it for me this week. Feel free to suggest, say hi, whatever, whatever: @its_me_anne (Instagram) and @tweetannietweet (Twitter).

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