Played Out: Lazy Days


This past week I didn’t do a goddamn thing. Like, literally, not one thing. The pipes in my apartment froze and then burst and drowned all my stuff and instead of dealing with it, I just haven’t gone home in what is now nine days. But I did get my shit together enough to listen to music! So here it is, the sum total of my week, AfterEllen’s Played Out playlist of the best new music around town.

Marching Church – “Hungry For Your Love”

Iceage’s Elias Ronnenfelt is absolutely mental, as is his side project Marching Church. This song is so twisted, it’s absolutely dripping in sex, angst and desperation. I’ll take two.

Rosie Lowe – “Who’s That Girl”

Super slick and sensual, London’s Rosie Lowe really delivers with “Who’s That Girl.”  It’s slow build into a gentle pulse is quite the pleasant prolonged tease. 

Anna B Savage – “1”

Here’s a really pretty track that doesn’t rock until it absolutely rocks and releases the pent up energy she’s built in the first three quarters of the song. A very vulnerable and introspective single worth every listen coming from this self-proclaimed feminist.

Yumi Zouma – “Song For Zoe & Gwen”

 This is my “hanging at The Standard pool on a Wednesday cuz I’m on vacation” pick of the week. Oh, and I’ll have another pitcher of that berry juice drink for $85. 

JEFF the Brotherhood – “Black Cherry Pie”

These guitars just kill me. My friend told me she didn’t like it until the flute, but then she was sold. I think it’s really fun and ’90s in a way that I’m not already so over. 

Body Language – “Reset”

Brooklyn’s Body Language offers up this solid R&B track this week. Super easy to listen to and a little nostalgic. What else do you need, really?

Le Volume Courbe feat. Kevin Shields – “The House”

 Really beautiful orchestration on this swirling pop-rock track. Packs a punch even in it’s airy delivery.

EULA – “Like No Other”

EULA worked with Martin Bisi on this track who is best known for producing Swans and Sonic Youth. From this first pairing the two are an obvious fit for one another. Relatively unsettling and nearly dissonant the persistent guitar line pushes you through to the finish line satisfied and, perhaps, out of breath. 

Algiers – “But She Was Not Flying”

I feel like every time I’m listening to any of these songs I’m thinking to myself, “Oh, this is my favorite,” but actually I think this one is. At least this week. Well, at least right now. It’s my kinda weird.

inc. – “A Teardrop From Below”

This is also on my pool mix, except it plays after I’ve had multiple pitchers and the sun is setting. Like they are probably rolling out some sort of weird DJ set up for the evening mixer and I’m floating there on the waves of this song.

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