Played Out: Miniskirts and Microphones


Happy Played Out day. AfterEllen’s playlist of the 10 best new songs released throughout the week for your listening pleasure.

This week I forced more than one friend to sit with me and thumbs up or thumbs down piles of new music. So you can rest assured that these are tried and true tracks—at least according to me and my friends.


Sia – “Elastic Heart (Clams Casino Remix)”

I loved the original version of this song and this remix just reinforces what was so great about this track. It sets Sia’s incredible range of emotion against a very cool electronic soundscape.


Warehouse – “Promethean Gaze”

So far all the music I’ve heard coming from the new kids on the block over at Bayonet Records is really slaying. Labeled a “band to watch” by Stereogum, Warehouse only continues to deliver on that feeling.


Braids – “Miniskirt”

A really beautifully and artfully composed feminist anthem from Montreal’s Braids. Very much worth the listen.

Princess – “Black Window”

This is the song that put me in the best mood this week. I just kept putting it on and just keep bouncing along. I think Princess might just be onto something here.


Laura Welsh feat. John Legend – “Hardest Part”

 Quite the deep cut on this super sexy slow jam. John Legend has met a match in English chanteuse Laura Welsh.


Speedy Ortiz – “Raising The Skate”

I certainly can’t be the only one excited that Speedy Ortiz is back with new music. Their second full length LP, Foil Deer, will be out this April, and in the meantime, they’ve released this very them at their best single.


Rathborne – “Why”

Brooklyn cutie Luke Rathborne is just posted a couple new tracks to his SoundCloud, “Why” being one of them. Super fun rock that has a Strokes vibe, and with good reason as The Strokes’ own Albert Hammond Jr. co-produced his upcoming album.


Alabama Shakes – “Don’t Wanna Fight”

New Alabama Shakes and not only is it not half bad, it’s actually totally more than half good. As a matter of fact it’s just good. Lead singer Brittany Howard continues to astound with her mesmerizing vocals.


Nudity – “Astronomicon.Wav”

It’s no surprise that Olympia-based Nudity cites the brilliant and twisted filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky as a heavy influence in this weird romp.


Elliphant feat. Doja Cat – “Purple Light”

One time my friends and I interviewed Elliphant on a rooftop in Brooklyn and I just made her a bunch of cocktails for a segment we meant to call Manhattan’s over Manhattan. I’m not even really sure what ever ended up happening to that.


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