Played Out: Songs For Your Girlfriend


Hello, Friday. Hello, Played Out. We’re back with AfterEllen’s compilation of the best ten songs from this past week.

And I must be feeling some kind of way this week because I had a heck of a time not dropping f bombs all around in this post. That being said, I still did, I just edited some of them out because it seemed excessive even to me. Maybe it’s just indicative of how hyped this playlist has me. Hopefully y’all enjoy it as much as I am right now after four coffees.


Slutever – “Open Wide”

I’ve been really on the Slutever grind recently, and with good reason. This LA-based duo is consistently putting out really relatable grunge-pop with “whatever” vibes and I dig that.


Death – “Look At Your Life”

Death is still putting out music? Fuck yeah. Also surprisingly (or maybe it totally isn’t) good Motor City rock. Check out their documentary on Netflix if you haven’t. Worth the watch.


Leonie Pernet – “Butterfly”

Leonie is a French producer that I became familiar with a couple of years ago here in New York. She’s back in France these days and turning out some very cool electronic-inspired tracks.


Computer Magic – “Shipwrecking”

Drums and synths propel this track up, in and around your mind. I wanna drive around in a topless jeep and have a ’90s dream fantasy sequence while I listen to this.


Angel Haze – “Candlxs”

Dudes, this song is a lesbian love song from Angel Haze to her girlfriend, Ireland Baldwin. And it’s good.


Pile – “Mr. Fish”

Boston’s Pile puts out some of the sexiest rock around town. Like if anything that’s from Boston can be sexy, or I guess in the way in which things from Boston can be sexy. A little grimey, a little unsettling, maybe your mom isn’t super into it, but you don’t care.


Clarence Clarity – “Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash”

 This twisted track won’t leave my mind. Neither will the mindfuck of a video directed by an outfit called Weirdcore who have also put out videos for M.I.A. and Aphex Twin.


Denai Moore – “Blame”

I put a Denai Moore track on last week, and I put a Denai Moore track on this week for two reasons. One, because I can and it’s nice to remind myself of my power. And two, which is arguably more important—because she’s really talented and I think you will genuinely enjoy this.


Nite Jewel – “Infinity”

Really pretty vocals over a dark swell of percussion and synth. This is some of the first new music coming from Romona Gonzalez’s Nite Jewel since 2012, and hopefully points to more things to come in the direction.


Say Lou Lou – “Nothing But A Heartbeat”

Australia/Sweden’s twin sister duo Say Lou Lou just released this little sweet ditty. So what say we end on some pop?


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