Played Out: Warm Your Blood


Hey all, and welcome to another edition of Played Out, AfterEllen’s weekly playlist that compiles the ten best songs of the past week (you know, according to me).

Anyway, maybe it’s just me, but this weekend seems well deserved, doesn’t it? I worked a lot, I managed to socialize like a somewhat normal person and I’m more than halfway through my dry January. I’m even in a mood that wouldn’t be described as bad as a result of it, plus I found a lot of really good music for us to listen to. So let’s celebrate (mostly to January ending eventually).

Petite Noir – “Shadows”

Cape Town native Yannick Ilunga’s solo project Petite Noir may have debuted in 2013, but it’s now at the head of 2015 that it’s really begun to take flight. A mature brooding pop track that dabbles in the dramatic, it’s a fitting tease for his upcoming EP The King Of Anxiety.


Natalie Prass – “My Baby Don’t Understand Me”

Based on the folk tinged jangle of Natalie Prass’ first solo single it’s no surprise to learn that she’s one Jenny Lewis’ backing bands members. That being said, she’s made the sound all her own, poising herself for similar greatness.


Prinze George – “Upswing”

A truly fitting title to the track, “Upswing” barges into the room and then levels out when Naomi Almquist’s surprisingly sturdy vocals land. The synths lead you towards a sugar pop edge, but clever production reels the track in, keeping it restrained and reserved all for the better.


Black Angels – “Waterloo Waltz”

Yes please. The Black Angels are a killer psych rock band hailing from Austin. “Waterloo Waltz” is a killer example of rad they are. I wish I had better speakers, because this song deserves to be heard well.


Emilie Nicolas – “Fail”

Spooky and alluring vocals set to hurried, dark electro-pop. Unsettling and beautiful, or maybe just unsettlingly beautiful. I’m not quite sure. Definitely a standout though.


Oscar – “Daffodil Days”

This song reminds me of when it used to be warm. That was nice. Apparently it came about one day when Oscar (Scheller, that is) was texting a friend and “difficult” autocorrect to “daffodil,” which I think is really cute and fitting for the final product.


Dirty Dishes – “Guilty”

Sobriety is really leading me down a scuzzy, fuzzy, guitar driven path. I’ve been leaning hard into Exploding In Sound Record’s roster, and I think for good reason. Dirty Dishes is just another example of good, gritty rock and this duo’s helmed by some pretty badass female vocals.


Doldrums – “Hotfoot”

Weird. Real weird. Good weird. “Hotfoot” is the first single off the forthcoming LP The Air Conditioned Nightmare and it’s got me excited for more.


Django Django – “First Light”

I’ve long time been a fan of Django Django and their latest offering is reminiscent of their awesome self-titled LP from back in 2012. It’s supremely catchy and surprisingly dynamic, a really pleasant lead single.


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