Played Out: New Songs from Old Faves


Hello friends, and welcome back to Played Out. Hope you made it safely through part one of the holiday season. I’m still standing barely.

With an onslaught of really good, big name releases I basically didn’t have to do anything. There’s the surprise St. Vincent double feature, new Purity Ring and Beth Ditto, oh and Sleater-Kinney for good measure. Hope you enjoy this wintry mix for the wintry mix. (Unless you’re in Miami for Basel, then I don’t want to talk to you.)

St. Vincent – “Pieta” + “Sparrow”

Both recorded during her eponymous album sessions, “Pieta” and “Sparrow” were released on a 10” Black Friday as a part of Record Store Day. Expect more of what you already love about Annie Clark.

Marian Hill – “Lips”

I was already quite the fan of Philly’s Marian Hill, but “Lips” is pushing me over the edge this week. I noticed I wasn’t the only one (I’m looking at you, Hype Machine).

Flyte – False Alarm

For the fans of Jakob Dylan and, I’d say, The Beatles, but I feel like people get really touchy about that comparison. It’s an easy, breezy track and lead singer Will Taylor is kinda dreamy. 

J Tropic X Alyss – “September”

Well I’d finally gotten this song out of my head from my cousin’s bat mitzvah six years ago, but I ain’t mad at this Earth Wind and Fire cover.

Moon Duo – “Animal”

Moon Duo is the side project of Wooden Shijps Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada. “Animal,” the lead track off their forthcoming Shadow Of The Sun, feels like a scuzzy psychedelic tour of the inside of an organ. In the best way, if you know what I mean.

Purity Ring – “push pull”

Fans of Purity Ring rejoice, your favorite Canadian duo is back with their first release since 2012’s epic Shrines. They stick true to their roots, and if this single is any indication of the album to follow seem to be developing a more mature and pointed sound.


Laurel featuring Sivu – “Come Together”

I feel like I’m getting rolled into this song. Literally, like if I were a blanket getting rolled up as the track progresses, it gets tighter, heavier and warmer. For more Laurel check out her upcoming EP Holy Water, out the 15th of this month.


Aurora – “Under Stars”

The most cinematic track of the week, “Under Stars” opens up to unveil itself to be as big as the night sky. Slightly ominous and silken, it’s the kind of music that you can drape over yourself and allow to engulf the moment.


Sleater-Kinney – Surface Envy

“Surface Envy” is the second track off the hotly anticipated Sleater Kinney reunion album, No Cities To Love. I think it’s an even better showcase of how this iconic band has evolved than their initial release, “Bury Our Friends.” It’s aggressive and gritty, it makes me want to be 15 and 30 all at the same time.


Beth Ditto X The Shoes – Cerrone’s Supernature

The incomparable Beth Ditto and French electro duo The Shoes have taken a wild spin out with Cerrone’s ‘77 dancefloor hit “Supernature.” They debuted the track at the Canal +30th Anniversary earlier this month, and followed up with this killer studio version.

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