The Weekly Geek: A look at “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”


One of the oddest (and most truly post-modern) trends in recent geek culture is surely the horror/alt fiction mash-up. It started with novels: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and now, perhaps the ripest fruit on the proverbial vine, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is nearing its film release. Naturally, the Tim Burton produced flick looks spectacularly crazy, as evidenced by its newly released official trailer.

It looks, well, pretty badass. The nation’s most revered president, who presided over perhaps the darkest hours of American history, re-imagined as a monster-slaying superhero – it totally works. Maybe it won’t score points for subtlety, but I think the metaphor is kind of awesome.

I feel like cultural historians will have a field day with this particular moment in history, one day in the future. Perhaps our era will be the time where all forms of art and expression: trash culture, pop culture, high-minded history, politics, social change, economic anxiety and every media format known to humanity were thrown into a giant blender. Combinations and unlikely mash-ups are king. It’s a time of experimentation and growth – we might as well have fun with it!

The flick opens (in 3D, no less) on June 22, so you have plenty of time to get in the mood by reading one of the aforementioned novels, or hell, maybe just gorge on True Blood and Buffy instead. Not that we really ever need an excuse to do so.

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