11 scary movies starring out actresses


Last year we compiled a list of horror films with lesbian or bisexual characters. This year, we thought we’d highlight out actresses who have appeared in some Halloween-worthy watching. From the classic to the contemporary, we’ve been in some of the best (and worst) scary movies.

Here are 11 movies you can find for your viewing (dis)pleasure this holiday.

Amanda Bearse in Fright Night

The actress played a teen named Amy Peterson in the 1985 original. She gets turned into a vampire, but is able to turn back into herself after the cure is discovered. Amanda came out eight years later — as a lesbian, not a vampire.

Portia de Rossi in Scream 2

Portia played a bitchy sorority sister in the 1997 sequel to the very successful Scream. She doesn’t last too long, but she steals the scenes she’s in with some sassy insults.

Sara Gilbert and Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy

The then-teen actresses co-starred in this thriller in which Ivy (Barrymore) decides to take over Sylvie’s (Gilbert) family by killing everyone who gets in her way. The 1992 film was made into several sequels, none of which starred the actresses who made the film so bad it’s good.

Heather Matarazzo in Hostel: Part II

If you can handle torture films, then you can see the out actress endure a lot of pain in this 2007 Eli Roth offering. Heather plays Lorna, a tourist who finds herself in a compromising position.

Kelly McGillis in Stake Land

Kelly McGillis plays a nun in an apocalyptic, vampiric society who tries to avoid being raped and killed. (She is unable to escape either of these things.) She’s one of the major characters and does such a great job, you’ll remember why you loved her so much in her heyday.

Amber Heard in The Ward

Amber Heard is haunted in a psychiatric hospital in this John Carpenter film from 2010. There are some twists and turns in the plot which makes Amber go a little crazy, if she wasn’t already.

Anna Paquin in Trick ‘R Treat

Anna is just one of the women you’ll love in this 2007 movie (you might also recognize Lauren Lee Smith and Leslie Bibb) that’s all about Halloween. Several trick or treaters are followed throughout the night, each having some terrifying experiences.

Tucky Williams in Shadows Light

The out creator/actress behind Girl/Girl Scene plays Dana Fontaine, a woman battling demons in this religious-tinged B-movie. It’s where Heaven and Hell collide, and Tucky is happy to be in the between.

Cynthia Nixon in Addams Family Values

It’s the least scary film on the list, and Cynthia has a tiny part, but if you’re kind of a wuss, this might be the best pick for you. See if you can spot Cynthia as a possible nanny for Christina Ricci‘s Wednesday Addams.

Leisha Hailey in Fertile Ground

Leisha is Gale Harold‘s wife in this indie about moving to a new home and having its inhabitants not so happy about it.

Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body

It wasn’t well-received, but the bisexual actress took Diablo Cody‘s one-liners, added belly shirts and lesbian kisses and created a funny horror movie you should watch at least once. (She kills creepy dudes for revenge!)

Will you watch any of these for Halloween?

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