Review of “Trigger”


If there’s one thing you want to happen in Trigger, it’s for Kat and Vic to end up happily ever after. That can be as a couple (preferably) or as friends, but you just want them to be OK with one another. (Well, maybe you’ll want a little more.)

Tracy Wright (in her last film before she passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2010), plays Vic, a recovering drug addict who reunites with her ex-bandmate Kat (Deadwoods Molly Parker) for a tribute show in their honor. The two couldn’t be more different: Vic is low-key where Kat is high-strung. Vic wants to stay under the radar while Kat craves attention. Their meeting at a restaurant for dinner has them picking at each other instantly. They’re like ex-lovers, but you never know if it went that far.

Vic is a lesbian, and is hit on by an old friend at the tribute party. When she turns her friend down, the friend says she knows why: She’s going home with Kat. Vic acts oblivious, but there is a hint that Vic and Kat have been more than bandmates.

Kat gets jealous over the attention Vic receives, especially when their peers are raving about Vic’s new acoustic, stripped-down music. Kat mocks Vic and her newfound spirituality. Vic becomes upset that Kat isn’t sober. It’s a tumultuous relationship even now, decades after they broke up.

But throughout their time spent together, Kat and Vic have deep conversations about being loved, and despite their different ways of feeling loved, they share the same want. It’s not until Vic finds out that Kat put up the money for the tribute to happen that she begins to question Kat’s motives. She can’t believe Kat would pay for a tribute to herself. It’s the same old selfish Kat. Kat insists that it was an excuse to see Vic, albeit an expensive one.

Kat and Vic have a fiery passion together, both on and off-stage. The yin to the other’s yang, you can see why they worked part of the time, and were disastrous the other half. Is it romantic? Is it musical? Is it familial? If you’re like me, you’ll be looking for them to get together in the end. I won’t spoil the outcome, but I think you’ll enjoy waiting to see if it happens.

Trigger is now available on DVD.

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