Warner Brothers gives us one last “Harry Potter” trailer, JK Rowling gives us Pottermore


I can’t believe I’m about to type what I’m about to type. No, I can’t. It’s too hard. No, I have to. It’s my job. But I can’t. Yes, I can. Come on, Heather Hogan: Go, go, Gryffindor! [deep breath] Last night, Warner Brothers released the final Harry Potter trailer. Oh, that hurt me worse than I thought it was going to! My insides are on fire! Why am I being Crucio-ed? DAMN YOU, TOM RIDDLE!

Before the trailer dropped, I thought, “I’m only gonna wail and gnash my teeth in agony if they show a clip of tiny DanRad from Philosopher’s Stone. And lo, they did.

Here, let’s hold hands and watch it together:

I actually really lost it when he was wearing his Hogwarts robes and a t-shirt and shouting at Snape. One last time in his Hogwarts robes! God, I am seriously emotionally unequipped to handle the ending of this franchise.

But guess what? This week, JK Rowling made an announcement about making an announcement, and it might mean I don’t have to say goodbye to this franchise, after all! On Wednesday, ten Harry Potter fan sites sent readers sleuthing after ten ten sets of coordinates. Using a specialized street view map, we spelled out the phrase “Pottermore.” And then Pottermore.com launched and so did a Pottermore Twitter.

Here’s what we know about Pottemore: It’s a hands-on JK Rowling project. It’s not a new book. The fan sites that have previewed it say it’s the greatest thing in the world. Am I excited? Um, is Hermione Granger the greatest character in the history of literature? (Yes and yes.)

What do you think about the last Potter trailer? And what do you think about Pottermore?

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