Huddle: Summer movies


The studios have been teasing us for months with promises of flicks that will provide the larger-than-life escapism we’ve come to expect from movies released in the summer months. We all have our favorites, even celebrities have their own must-see lists for the season. Whether it’s caped crusaders, action behemoths or smart indies giving the big studios a run for their money, there’s something for everyone this time of year.

Here’s what we’ll be lining up for this summer:

Heather Hogan: There is exactly one movie that matters this summer, and if you think otherwise, well, screw you and the Elder Wand you rode in on in your Death Eating Squib Shagger. ONLY I CAN LIVE FOREVER.


The Linster: Although my most anticipated movie is, of course, The Very Last Harry Potter Film, I’m anxious to see one that starts this very weekend: Super 8. The movie is by J.J. Abrams (Fringe, Lost, Alias) and is his homage to Steven Spielberg, who’s producing. That means lots of grand music and special effects and wonder, which is my kind of movie.

Most of the story is very hush-hush, as it should be since a big mystery is at its center. (Please don’t spoil it!) But what I look forward to is Abram’s storytelling magic and originality. Super 8 is, after all, the only major summer movie based on an original story. And as much as I love seeing big screen recreations of favorite books and stories, nothing makes me happier than seeing something totally surprising. I’m counting on you, J.J.



Dara Nai: I’m experiencing superpower fatigue. X-Men, Transformers, Green Lantern, Captain America — they’re all starting to bleed together into one latex-clad, gravity-defying, car-throwing do-gooder who suffers from chronic Serious Face. Meh.

How about a little dark, adult humor? Yes, please. I’m going to catch Horrible Bosses. Think The Hangover meets 9 to 5. Three guys plot to kill their awful bosses. The awesome Jason Bateman. Jennifer Aniston as a sexual predator dentist, (imagine lying back in Aniston’s chair, and her leaning in to sexually harassing you), Colin Farrell with a comb-over, and Jamie Foxx as a “murder consultant.” I’m in. Pass the popcorn.



Karman Kregloe: I’m already mentally standing in line for the final Harry Potter film and Super 8, but I’m also intrigued by the previews for Cowboys & Aliens. I enjoy Daniel Craig‘s brooding but honorable thug bit, and the special effects look great. While Harrison Ford‘s Indiana Jones is one of my all-time favorite movie heroes, I also like it when he plays the heavy (anyone see What Lies Beneath? Creepy!). Finally, lassoing an alien aircraft? Why didn’t I think of that?


Courtney Gillette: Harry Potter, natch. But my very close second most anticipated summer flick is Miranda July‘s new film, The Future. Her first movie since Me And You And Everyone We Know (Never seen it? Drop what you’re doing and Netflix that thing right now), it’s got all the telltale marks of a deep yet whimsical July tale. It’s the story of a couple who’s entire life changes (seriously, really really changes!) when they decide to adopt a cat from the shelter. The trailer involves what looks like a giant cat puppet, the concept “30 dances in 30 days,” and like a billion accolades from critics. Oh, Miranda. You had me at cat puppet. Really, truly.



Lesley Goldberg: I’m excited to see Super 8, too! Kyle Chandler could do a movie about underwater basket weaving and I’d still go to the midnight screening. Plus this is E.T. meets The Goonies?! Where do I sign?!

drummerdeeds: I’m looking forward to seeing Bridesmaids … at least two more times in theater, five more from Redbox. Kristen Wiig is a goddess and a genius and I still can’t stop quoting her. I’ll probably keep watching it until Bridesmaids II comes out and The Hangover dies for good. Until then … poop jokes, penis impersonations, and Wilson Phillips all summer!

Trish Bendix: I can’t wait to see Our Idiot Brother, even though I’ll be waiting all summer long, since it doesn’t hit theaters until the end of August. But with a hilarious ensemble cast, and Rashida Jones and Zooey Deschanel playing gal pals, I feel like it’s worth the wait.


What movies will you be watching this summer?

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