Behind the scenes of “Bloomington”


Festival hit Bloomington tells the story of Jackie Kirk (Sarah Stouffer), the former child star of a sci-fi hit show who is hoping to find independence from her overbearing mother, Jackie. She leaves her home in California and heads to the Midwest (Bloomington, Indiana) to attend college. But she doesn’t fit in with her peers, who seem put off by her celebrity status. At a department mixer, Jackie is instantly attracted to Catherine (Allison McAtee), a young professor with a reputation.

Any guesses as to what happens next?

Bloomington is available today on DVD, complete with bloopers, director’s commentary and a behind-the-scenes featurette.

For your viewing pleasure, we also have some behind-the-scenes clips that aren’t available on the DVD and can only be seen online.

In this clip, star Sarah Stouffer talks about the perils of using an apple box on the set:

Writer/director Fernanda Cardoso discusses the audience reaction to the film:

Cardosa also tells us that her next project is in the horror/thriller genre. She said, “I am putting the finishing touches on the script right now and would like to start the long (but hopefully short) road into production sometime soon! It’s not an LGBT-themed project but it does have strong female characters. Hopefully it will not disappoint any fans I might have gained with Bloomington.”

For more clips and information, check out the Bloomington YouTube channel or follow the film on Twitter.

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